The Little Things Matter

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Love is not logical and excuses do not count. There are is always an opportunity to show love. Love gives us an experience that we remember. Love reveals our humanity. Love is a series of actions that allow us to show our most beautiful side. Love is shown without expectations. We are drawn to the opportunity to be able to experience this emotion.

Sometimes it doesn’t make sense. Things are purchased, miles are driven, items are baked and it might not be worth the time or money. Some of the things worth doing the most are not an efficient use of our time or money. But, that’s what love does to us.

It makes us want to do crazy things like driving to the store to buy combos in the evening because your daughter tells you a story about how she longs to have them in her lunch.

I love the quote by Maya Angelou that says, “At the end of the day people won’t remember what you said or did, they will remember how you made them feel.”

Driving to the store to buy combos at 9:00 in the evening was about giving the gift of an experience.

As I drove home from the convenience store, I was overwhelmed by how happy I envisioned my daughter would be as she opened her lunch and had combos! She had talked all about how a kid at her lunch table let her have one after she told him how fortunate he was to have these amazing snacks in his lunch.

Growing up I remember my mom would always take time to french braid my hair before basketball games. There are times her hands almost went numb from the process, and I am sure it added to an already full list of things to be done before leaving in the morning. But, she never refused, and even often asked which type of braid I would like.

When someone is important, the way is always found. Promises are made and kept no matter what. If life gets in the way of delivering on something we said, we find someone else to help us make good on that promise. The little things add up to big things. It is the actions that remind our kids that we value the relationship.

Time is an expression of love.

Showing love can be scary. We can never predict with 100 percent certainty how it will be received. No matter how strong we are, when love is rejected or at best received indifferently, it is painful. When we show an expression of love it is done without knowing the end result. We give without expectation.

It is the feeling of uncertainty that is exciting.

When I thought about the combos I had purchased, I couldn’t wait to hear how her experience was eating them at lunch.

We are multidimensional beings. We focus on showing one side at work, sometimes a different side with our friends, and even reveal another part of ourselves with our spouse and kids. When we show love the best part of each of these areas is revealed.

Our actions are attractive, and people are drawn to an opportunity to experience love.

Opportunities are available. Chances to show love may not always be logical, cost efficient or timely. However, when we love someone we always find a way to deliver an experience free of expectation and excuses. We show our humanity and our most beautiful side as we lean into the excitement of uncertainty. And it is that vulnerability that connects us to other people.

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I am a wife, mother, educator, writer, reader and marathon runner. I blog at and chase my impossible. Follow me on Twitter at @lmcdonell14

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