What If I Took My Own Advice

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I was paused as I heard my self rattle off, “The key to the game is to spend as little money as possible. Then you will win.”

I paused and then quickly added, “And that goes for real life too”. My students were playing a Financial game that simulates the experience of making 1000 dollars last over the course of a month, and it seemed like a good idea to share a strategy that might help guide them.

As I heard myself finish the sentence, I paused and thought, “Wow, imagine if I stopped and took the advice I give to others. I would be amazing. Why don’t I do that”?

I suppose when we look at our own problems from our point of view, they seem different. And, I’m the moment it feels good to just do something. I wonder what would happen if I wrote down the things I told other people and looked at them on a regular basis.

  • Plan ahead and don’t wait until the last minute.
  • Screen time is up. Limiting technology is key. Find something different to do.
  • It is not okay to take frustration out on someone else who has nothing to do with your problem.
  • If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything.
  • It is important to not consume too much sugar.
  • Getting enough sleep is important.

Keeping a list might work. I seem to learn best by writing things down. I think I will start slowly and pick one to focus on each week. Being intentional is the first step. And, the great thing is that I will be modeling the advice I am giving which would improve my credibility.

We show compassion and kindness to our children as we instill messages that will help them to thrive and even turn out better than we did.

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I am a wife, mother, educator, writer, reader and marathon runner. I blog at EnjoyingEveryMile.com and chase my impossible. Follow me on Twitter at @lmcdonell14

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