When I Said it, I Believed It.

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And out of my mouth it came, without any hesitation. It seemed as natural as explaining that I was 39 years old and grew up in Michigan. Finally after many years in education a few things started to really make sense.

I remember it well, it was at the end of a Bible study the week before school was to start.

I was sharing an example about my son handling frustration as we were school shopping, when one of the older women replied, “Your kids are so fortunate to have you as a parent to get them organized for school, but my question is what happens to the kids that don’t have parents who do what you do?”

Without a second thought I explained that this is what teachers do. The kids who don’t have parent support at home can rely on their teachers at school to guide them and make sure that they get extra support. It’s funny after I said that, for the first time, I really believed it.

It was a reminder and a call to action to me step up as a teacher.

For the first time in 18 years in the field of education, I had begun to scratch the surface on the purpose I have in the classroom. I need to be a resource for each student. There are a few things I can keep in mind as a teacher to help make a bigger impact. When I began to ponder these ideas, I really started to think about what each of these meant.

  • Each student has different needs.
  • For some students I will share resources and inspire them to discover a path that inspires them.
  • Some students need an extreme amount of guidance from start to finish.
  • Some students require the most guidance with things not related to the teaching content.
  • Some days are easier than others. This applies to teachers and students.
  • If a student looks like he or she could use help, that’s probably true.

Our world needs good teachers. Our world needs to develop people we can count on. Every kid needs someone in their corner. I am realizing that there can never be enough people in someone’s corner. I am that someone because someday, the student I helped will be that someone for another person.

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I am a wife, mother, educator, writer, reader and marathon runner. I blog at EnjoyingEveryMile.com and chase my impossible. Follow me on Twitter at @lmcdonell14

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