Realizing the Key to Success

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I like to think of failed attempts as experiments. The exciting thing about a failure is that oftentimes it means you are halfway there. Throughout my lifetime, there are things I have not been successful with.

What I have noticed is that when I am successful, besides having faith that I am on the right path, believing in the person, situation or process is the glue that holds everything together.

Everything I do is an experiment. Life gives data and results. Some of the results are positive and some are negative. Either way, I have more information about what to do the following time.

Henry Ford said it best, “Whether you think you can or whether you think you can’t, you’re right.”

When I completely submit to an idea and make the decision that I will be successful with something (timeline might vary), it seems to work out. I also love the quote, “If you build it, they will come” from the Field of Dreams movie. When I start before I am ready, and do what is required before it makes sense, progress follows. This also reminds me of several Biblical stories, for example, Noah and the Ark.

Each time we have been successful in quickly selling a house, I have chosen to believe that the selected realtor will be able to sell our house in a reasonable amount of time.

When you have faith and believe in someone’s ability a person will rise to the challenge to meet expectations.

When we enjoyed success, part of it was because I relaxed and left the experience of selling our house to the person we had hired.

I have often struggled to find a budget that will work with my lifestyle. One of the past problems I have had is that I have often tried to use someone else’s plan and not bought into the method that is part of the plan. When I realized I was struggling to stick to a budget this weekend, it occurred to me that half of the problem was that I have not taken ownership of the way I budget.

I had someone else build the plan, but never believed it would work. I was not halfway there.

I realized that if I was on my own, I would not be lazy, I would take ownership of my finances and find a way to be successful. A new mantra I have learned, “Everything is Figuroutable”. There is a way to be successful no matter what.

I decided to search Pinterest for methods of creating a budget. I landed on a video of a girl showing how to do a really simple budget using one envelope a month. Her suggestions were simple, and I liked the way she talked about documenting her purchases, keeping track of spending, and having a place to store receipts. I am excited about my discovery!

I am confident this plan will work. That confidence comes because I believe it will.

Figuring out the right classroom structure for the type of learners I am working with takes some time. Unit plans that I believe will work usually end up having pretty successful results. Plus, I find that I am excited about the content or the methods used to present it.

I have found that providing opportunities for learners to a significant amount of choice during the journey almost always goes well.

My journey as a writer has been pretty scrambled. Because I am a mom, full-time teacher, and distance runner, I find that there have been years where I have chosen to write only when I have had extra time.

Recently, I decided that I write and share some sort of work every day.

I made my intention known that I wanted to be a regular contributor and possibly editor to a publication.

I have enjoyed seeing this reality take shape over the last month!

As a distance runner, I have followed so many different marathon training plans. When I thought about my goal of being a Boston Qualifier, I decided that I wanted to look for a plan that would allow me to achieve my dream. I did some research and found that several people had been successful and even qualified while using the Hansen’s Program.

Once I started researching it, I heard three different people talk about it on podcasts. The more I looked at it, I thought it was the perfect program for me to follow. Last May I decided it was going to help me achieve my running goals. Nearing the end of the training cycle today, I am realizing that it has made a difference, and I am so much faster!

Deciding which events to participate in is always a choice that requires an extensive amount of thought. Races serve a variety of different purposes. Once I selected my fall marathon, I decided I was all in. I also decided that this race would be an amazing experience and would become one of my favorite races.

Stating my intention early and often allows my brain to find evidence to support my thoughts.

Decide what you want before you begin the process towards making it happen. Figure out what you can control. Attitude, perspective, and effort can be guaranteed. Taking ownership seems like extra work, but in the end, it saves you work.

When you try and use things that other people like that you don’t buy into, it takes you a lot longer in the end.

Eventually, you will not be successful and be required to find a new method. When you believe in something, you are halfway to accomplishing your goals.

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I am a wife, mother, educator, writer, reader and marathon runner. I blog at and chase my impossible. Follow me on Twitter at @lmcdonell14

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